TA + September events + Kent Strat PRO v0.2.1 + signals

Let’s have a look at what’s important right now to be able to understand where could we be possibly heading in this market.

Events in September

We have 3 live events in September!

  • 2 live streams for all members: 15th and 29th
  • 1 Bot Workshop for VIP members on the 22nd

RSVP to get notified by the Discord app on your phone or add the event to your calendar.

You can find the events on our Discord server.

ORC sell signal, Hive sell and CPI reports

We had an ORC original SELL signal hours before the price did a 7% correction.

I used this signal to stop many of my bots.

The signal was triggered by Victoria on the 6H timeframe, in this case there was only one final candle up before dumping. Pretty good!

ORC Sell signal

Hive printed a SELL signal on the 4H and it was also pretty accurate.

Hive 4H sell signal

Kent strategy new version

  • Option to plot all triggered buy and sell signals in the chart including the ones not used by the strategy.
  • ADX default parameters improved.
  • Option to exit your position when a signal against it triggers. Example: if you are in a short and a buy signal triggers close the position.
  • Now you can select between the past candles and trendline levels to be used to place the stop loss. Independent lookback parameters provided. Example: you can enter a long on a buy signal and decide to place the SL in the lowest candle from the past 30 candles, or the lowest trend line level in the past 60 candles, or the one that is furthest away or closest. Total control! 🦜

Kent Strat is FREE to use.

Kent Strat PRO includes advanced alerts compatible with 3Commas and any other webhook based bot platform. This version is available to Observers or any higher tier.

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