QFLO + RSI EE strategy

In this video I explain how I use QFL original together with RSI in a low timeframe to improve results of using a static take profit target. Instead of taking profits at a fixed percentage or even using trailing TP we wait for RSI to cross below 70 which in many cases is a great timing for taking profits as it indicates the momentum is shifting bearish.

There’s a big giveaway of 3 months of Observer for maximum 3 winners that correctly identify which of the 10 bot setups reviewed in the video will make more profit before the 9th of November.

Note: Paper trading has been pretty unstable on 3commas the past 2 days so I’ll need to find a way to measure the performance excluding the days paper trading service was intermittent.

Serpil BTC pairs + MC ORC

I’m really impressed to see that a full group of bots made great profits during the crash Serpil 3, 6 and 9 running on MC ORC (5min, 1h, 4h, 1d using start bot and stop and close at market price) showed incredible performance.

We have to note that they were recently introduced and I wasn’t expecting them to stand out today but while many others were punished hard.

When really negative happens like with LUNA and FTX it’s best to not have any long bots running. But I really enjoy paper trading to observe what would have happened if…

The bots below were running constantly but there were some times when the paper trading service was down so I would take the results as promising but unfortunately I cannot trust 100% since it was pretty much down for hours so we can’t tell how many deal were not opened or closed properly.

Self service now shows allowances

Our self service page allows users to see which services are being used and helps troubleshooting them. From today it can also be used to have a quick look at your allowances of bot assistant signals, pair selection, orchestration, etc.

Your allowances will reflect your current subscription tier plus whichever NFT booster you have active.

You will also be able to confirm which boosters are currently active in your account.

Paper trading issues

3Commas has been experiencing some issues on paper trading. As a consequence many of the experiments I’m running are now affected. Many didn’t enter any deals during the whole day and some didn’t take profit where they were supposed to. I reported this to 3commas and they are working on it but many of the experiments are now showing worst performance than they would have experimented if paper trading was properly working. A bit of a shame as there was a lot of work a valuable data we could have used from this dump. I just wanted to make you aware as this is probably going to blur my confidence in some results we get from bots that were running on paper trading this month.

New Pine script strategy: Risk Savage

Risk savage is a strategy in Pine Script with one intention help you manage the risk when using any indicator.

By managing the risk I mean deciding where to place SL and TP. Risk reward ratio. Use of swing low and swing highs or ATR levels.


TTP Risk Savage is available to all VIP users.

Example setup with BTC/USDT and 5X

Let’s build a long & short setup for BTCUSDTPERP on Binance Futures.

We are going to work on the 15 min chart.

For SL let’s use ATR and a risk reward ratio of 2:2

Let’s filter out positions with the SL closer than 0.5% to the close price.

The initial capital is 1K and with a leverage of 5x we get a max drawdown of $500

Without leverage the drawdown is $100

Daily profits is 0.31% average with 1x and 1.54% with 5x leverage.

The worst deal closes at around 3%, important to consider for allocation of collateral.

This is just an example of how a low win rate strategy can still make massive returns when using proper risk management.


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