Reverse Engineering RSI

Reverse Engineering RSI

People know RSI mostly as a tool for flagging overbought or oversold areas. Some more advanced users focus on RSI divergences to find points of trend reversal.

All this use cases are great and can be incorporated in your tool set to complement your trading strategy.

In this video we review a third way of using RSI: to forecast price targets.

Forecasting price can be difficult. If you are familiar with RSI you might agree that it’s not as difficult to predict that after a few divergences there might be a reversal, and you might be even able to accurately identify where the RSI is going. Using this information and this indicator you will be able to narrow down a price target.

I show 3 examples including targets from where we are to where we could be headed assuming we are already bullish.

TTP Reverse Engineering RSI is now available to all TTP tier members.

Risk Savage

In this video I show you how focusing on better risk management can massively help optimising almost any strategy no matter the win rate.

Risk savage offers everything for better risk management from very basic to very advanced: risk reward ratio, TPC, swing, ATR, trailing, and much more all in a very concise and simple interface.

Powerful options for hooking up alerts to any trading platform including 3commas and json custom messages. Use of QUOTE/BASE pattern allows you to simplify and speed up adding alerts to multiple symbols at once when using automated tools like ATTA.

What’s next for Risk Savage?

Thanks so much for all the comments in the video, we’ve got 376 comments so far!

Also thanks so much to “Josyn i Linh – Wietnam Vlog” he suggested to create an indicator that offered to manage better the risk. He won 3 months of VIP and and NFT worth 0.2 ETH. Waiting for him to reply to transfer the NFT 🦜

If you want to have access to the trial of Risk Savage please make sure you are subscribed to our Youtube Channel publicly. Like the video and then comment with yout TV username.

Aster’s DCA Backtester (ADB)

We recently introduced a new DCA backtester built from scratch by Aster.

The goal of this backtester is to be:

Our VIP members have currently access to the alpha versions and we are adding back all the features from Gavin so we can match them all while keeping the performance at least 10x faster.

We redesign the code that calculates all deal start conditions and introduced pretty cool optimisations that now don’t waste a unnecessary CPU power or memory. Personally I find it much more reactive.

Today we are releasing the v0.3 alpha which includes:

We are currently working with Aster on fixing some edge case bugs and adding the final bits to feature match Gavin’s backtester. A few more weeks and it should be 100% operational 🦜

Cerberus redesign

Two exciting news about Cerberus. It’s about to hit bottom which I’ve been waiting for since July. This means that most of the value has moved into stable coins and it should soon then be ready for a great entry. We should continue to monitor as this indicator resets as this has provided great entries in the past.

Once and if we reached a level below 20 we will be getting a warning buy and then later that should lead to an actual buy signal. I recommend to add the indicator to a weekly BTCUSDT chart and explore the buy signals. Even though they are not even close to how sell signals have been all bear market I’m still going to be pay close attention when we get them to use them in conjunction with other indicators to make a more informed move.


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