Take profit conditions issues affect DCA bots

This DCA bot uses RSI length 7 on the 5 min crossing down 70 to close deals.

It doesn’t have any min take profit set. It uses a timeout of 29 hrs to close the deal.

As you can see from the screenshots below it entered a deal around midday and had 4 opportunities to take profit every time the take profit condition (TPC) was true.

Unfortunately I have observed that TPC on 3Commas has been randomly but consistently failing.

TPC is my favourite feature ever. I think it’s got an incredible potential to build very profitable strategies but it needs to work in a reliable way.

The deal shown below was intended to close in a very small loss but instead it missed 4 great exit opportunities and ended up closing by timeout in a loss almost 10 times larger.

The bot started a few days ago and will have a pretty tough time trying to recover from a certainly unfair loss.

I’m not using this feature yet on real money until we can see that it first works as expected in paper trading.

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