FFALL: 5 weeks steady in green and ~10% a month


The FFALL signal has been performing pretty well since introduced half way through the bear market.

Recently I decided to run a copy of the bot orchestrated with MC15M.

Results have been pretty good and it proves to be a great way to balance the returns and keep them in green week after week.

It’s been 5 weeks since we started this variation and I wanted to share the results of these 5 weeks.

But first for context, let’s not forget that in the past 5 weeks we had a lot. This bot started on the 15th of November so it was not on during the collapse of FTX but right after.

The bot is short and its been running all the way from the collapse tolerating all the bullishness of getting to 18.3K from 16K.

As a short bot, this says a lot. The original version didn’t do as well this shows how MC ORC has effectively helped filtering out the best deals from the signal and exiting right before the market turns bullish again.

Below you can see week by week how the bot has performed. The bot is invested with only 3K (some DOWN tokens were delisted on Binance, so stats were calculated with 4K but in practice only 3K was used so we are going to have to increase the PNL buy an extra 25%).

FFALL uses TTPTSL indicator to send BUY/SELL signals.

I’m now testing the same idea but with higher timeframes of MC ORC: MC1H and MC4H combined. I’ll be sharing the results as soon as they are ready.

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