ADB v0.13 released

Further discussion on Discord channel: Aster’s DCA Backtester ALPHA

TTP Volume in BTC is updated to v5

On TradingView the Volume Type for BYBIT:ETHUSDT.P is Quote. This produces the wrong volume for this pair (and probably other perpetual contracts on Bybit and/or other exchanges). I’ve added the option to select the Volume Type manually so you can override the automated identification if it’s wrong. With Base as the Volume Type the indicator give you the correct values and I’ve verified it to be the same values on CoinMarketCap, both the BTC and USD are correct.

I’ve also added a Troubleshoot option for additional information if you’re investigating or want even more info. With the added bonus of if you’re in troubleshooting mode and 1H chart you’ll see which 24 candles being used for the calculation (answer: it’s the volume of the last 24 1H candles that have been closed, summed together. The current candle isn’t counted.)

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