Study version

FED BTC Trader strategy offers backtesting and alerts which can be used to trade with bots on any bot platform that accepts webhooks for open deal and close deal.

You can just use it “as it is” but I received some requests to be able to backtest it with Gavin’s, Aster’s or even TTPTSL backtester.

Unfortunately in TradingView you cannot use a strategy as the source input of another strategy Pine script.

Because of this limitation I’m now releasing a study version which if added to a chart containing any of the other backtesters then they can select FED BTC Trader as an input source.

You can use the BUY signals (value 1), SELL signals (value 2) or both. You can still enable and disable the FED filter.

Deal source: TTP FED Study

Deal start value for longs: 1

Deal close value for longs: 2 (or pick 3 for example to ignore the close signal)

Shorts: reverse order

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