In the first minutes I wasn’t sharing the screen sorry guys! but then later I fixed it.

You can also skip to the bot details in the last part of the video if you want.

I covered these setups:

All bot’s copy links can be found in the bot dashboard, paper trading section or in the video description.

Two aspects that can DESTROY the BEST bot strategy

What is the point of having a great strategy on paper if it can’t make money in real life?

There are many things that a bot master must consider when building a profitable signal. Not only backtesting it properly across multiple timeframes and assets but also slippage and fees. In this video we review how to backtest considering fees and how to quantify slippage from real bots and then apply that back to your backtest to confirm that they can resist those fluctuations and stay profitable.

In this video we review these aspects. I also explain why I’m using from now only Altrady for the signal snowden. Check out the latest members announcement on Discord.

Join our discord server and ask a member of our team for access to the SNOWDEN pine script (by )

Get 12.5% sign up discount on Altrady (use coupon “tradingparrot”) Altrady is a very powerful bot platform that offers really cool and advanced tools for bot trading. One feature that caught my eye is the option to send webhooks that include limit orders for TP and SL. This is crucial to reduce slippage and for any serious bot trading.

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