This new version of Risk Savage LO, which stands for “limit orders”, sends the deal open json payload including the exit percentages for TP and SL so that the bot platform can use limit orders for exiting.

It also sends the entry price so you can control the slippage of the entry price too.

Currently it supports Altrady and custom payload too. We can add new platforms in the future if needed.

Some features have been disabled in the LO version compared to the official one:
– no trailing stop loss
– no external signal
– no divergence exit
– no TA exit with MFI / RSI

Either of these exits are dynamic and therefore can’t be specified at deal open.

According to Altrady webhook specifications Risk Savage LO version sends:

From then Altrady takes care of setting limits orders accordingly. The deal close alert gets “ignored” by Altrady.

This makes a big difference since now you are not using market orders and should see a much accurate execution of your trades.

Remember to calculate properly the fees used in your exchange to confirm your backtests are still accurate.


VIP members should get access automatically to the script tomorrow morning.

If I find new interesting setups with the LO version I can maybe make them available via Altrady to members. Remember we are working on the integration of signals that use limit orders with them!

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