Version 0.16 of Aster DCA Backtester (ADB for short) brings two main updates, as well as a fix for a known bug. The update includes a renaming of deal start and take profit options with the addition of explicitly being able to choose external source as take profit.

Deal Start

Renamed options:

Ext indicator -> External Source
3C Simulator -> TA Indicators
3C Simulator / Ext indicator combined -> TA Indicators AND External Source

New option:

TA Indicators OR External Source

The renaming of the deal start options aims to make the indicator more intuitive, easier to use and more clear. Traders will now be able to quickly understand the purpose of each type without needing to guess based on the name if you’re not a 3commas user. This should lead to a smoother user experience and faster decision-making when using the indicator.

If you want to use the built in conditions from the backtester on an alternative platform you can use the indicator 3c Sim Signal to create alerts and direct it to your platform of choice.

With the renaming we’ve also added an additional option: TA Indicators OR External Source. This offers the opportunity for traders to use external source in conjunction with take profit conditions (TPC), providing more flexibility and customization options. For example, if a trader wants Victoria to send buy signals and a built-in TPC to send sell signals, this can now be easily accomplished.

Example deal with the following settings:
DSC: Victoria Buy Signal (External Source)
TPC: RSI greater than 80 (TA Indicator)

Take Profit

New options:

External Source
External Source OR Percent %

Previously, if an external source was used for deal start, any sell signal could override the set percentage TP. This could lead to unexpected consequences if you were not fully aware of it. However, with the latest update, this behavior has been moved to the option External Source OR Percent % instead. The new option External Source now enables the possibility to use built in TA Indicator as deal start and only let the external sell signal close the deal.

Example deal with the settings:
DSC: RSI less than 20 (TA Indicators)
TPC: Victoria Sell Signal (External Source)

Bug fix

In addition to these updates, the latest version of ADB also includes a fix for the last known bug, which affected the external buy + TPC to not work together. With this bug now resolved, users can trade with more confidence and rely on the indicator to function as intended.


Overall, the latest update to ADB represents a significant improvement to an already powerful trading tool. With its intuitive naming conventions, expanded functionality, and bug fixes, ADB version 0.16 is sure to be a valuable asset to traders who rely on TradingView for their analysis and decision-making.

Further discussion on Discord channel: Aster’s DCA Backtester ALPHA

Link to ADB: Aster’s DCA Backtester Alpha on TradingView

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