We’re excited to inform our members that the Aster DCA Backtester has undergone significant improvements in its speed and performance in the latest update. We recognize that waiting for the processing of chart data during backtesting can be a cumbersome experience, and we’re pleased to announce that the latest version of our backtester, v0.17, includes a major enhancement that tackles this problem head-on.

Release Notes:
- Improved processing speed
- Added VIP statistics

Improved processing speed

The development team has worked tirelessly to optimize the backtesting code library and streamline the processing, resulting in a significant improvement in processing speed. This means that users can now run backtests on larger datasets in a shorter amount of time, making the entire process more efficient and allowing traders to make more informed decisions faster.

This video demonstrates the processing speed of our backtester as it navigates through a list of assets.

It’s important to keep in mind that the processing time may vary based on the current server load on TradingView, the number of active charts and other variables. Nonetheless, we believe this video will provide you with a clear idea of the efficiency and performance increase. Here we have a comparison between ADB and GDB, with and without VIP statistics active.

Added VIP statistics

In addition to the speed improvement, we are also excited to share that our VIP members now have have access to the more advanced statistics first available in GDB PRO. With all the known bugs resolved and speed improvements it was time to implement the statistics engine as well.

With the statistics you are now able to find valuable information about Deal Duration, Deal Run Up and Deal Drawdown, allowing you to divide all deals into different percentiles for further analysis. With this information you can identify potential cut-off points for Timeout, Take Profit, and Stop Loss options. While the data may seem overwhelming at first, it can help dedicated traders quickly refine their strategies and settings for optimal performance.

Deal Duration-statistics

Deal Run Up-statistics

Deal Drawdown-statistics


We believe that this update will be one of the most appreciated developments to the Aster DCA Backtester, as it addresses a major pain point for our users. With this speed improvement and statistics, our members can now focus on analyzing their strategies and making more informed trading decisions, rather than waiting for the backtesting process to complete.

Further discussion on Discord channel: Aster’s DCA Backtester ALPHA

Link to ADB: Aster’s DCA Backtester Alpha on TradingView

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