Fed futures bot contest: win 3-item NFT bundle + USDT

Who can participate? Any TTP paid member or Patreon user with an active subscription to a valid tier. Patreon custom pledge members can not participate. What are the requisites to participate? Comment on this YouTube video before the 15th of February. (1)Retweet, (2)like and (3)tag a friend using this tweet before the 15th of February. […]

Trading Parrots NFT holders giveaway

Winners Winners have now been announce on Discord. This giveaway is only for holders of Trading Parrots NFT items. What’s the price We will giveaway the top 3 NFT items in the collection with more likes that don’t have an owner yet. You can see which items have more likes (most favourited items) here. https://opensea.io/collection/trading-parrots?search[sortAscending]=false&search[sortBy]=FAVORITE_COUNT […]

Twitter Trading Parrots NFT giveaway

Winner Price We will give 1 Trading Parrots NFT item away for FREE. Rules: Retweet and like the following tweet: https://twitter.com/TradingParrot/status/1485663299966582785 Reply to the same tweet, in a single response containing all this information: a OpenSea link to the Trading Parrots NFT item you’d like to win and the reason why you want to own […]