New VIP script: Risk Savage LO

This new version of Risk Savage LO, which stands for “limit orders”, sends the deal open json payload including the exit percentages for TP and SL so that the bot platform can use limit orders for exiting. It also sends the entry price so you can control the slippage of the entry price too. Currently […]

Altrady snowden signals using limit orders: minimum slippage

In regards to snowden signals. This only applies to snowden since its a BUY+SELL signal and it’s too vulnerable to the effects of slippage. Other signals that send BUY+SELL like Serpil, don’t get affected as much since it can many times run for almost a day so the 0.1% slippage doesn’t end up causing such […]

CPI Report + bots review livestream AND new video

In the first minutes I wasn’t sharing the screen sorry guys! but then later I fixed it. You can also skip to the bot details in the last part of the video if you want. I covered these setups: All bot’s copy links can be found in the bot dashboard, paper trading section or in […]