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We had the second live stream of April and discussed market overlook and TA, updates, news, your questions, etc.

TA and market overlook

  • Overall stock market & indices status: DXY, SP500 and Nasdaq: DXY continues to threaten the overall markets. Have we broken out the multi year resistance?
  • Fibonacci correction levels: will we hold this level?
  • EMA Ribbon, MACD and Technicals.
  • Order blocks levels. Find larger areas of demand and supply to understand the market structure.
  • Funding fees, liquidations, long/shorts ratios
  • BTC dominance: what do we need to be prepared for?
  • Is the Hive still 100% accurate?
  • CPR monthly levels: all April levels respected so far.
  • BTC log growth model: targets for bear, bull and sideways market for 2022.
  • We got a 10 out of 10 daily divergence, what does it mean for the market?
  • Weekly MA 50 and 200. The bearish narrative the current price action can unleash in social media. Targets. 
  • Multi-month ascending channel model and MACD.
  • Can we actually trust MA crosses in a ranging/sloppy market?
  • TOP/Bottom indicator status
  • Don’t miss the NFT giveaway: 0.5 ETH item. Instructions in this video. Deadline 1st of May 0:00 hrs London time.


  • BA ORC is ready to go live
  • New ORC signals we could use from this week: ORC on BTC, SP500, different timeframes, etc. Some ORC signals are better for some bots and some for other setups.
  • What is ORCTEST and how it can give us early feedback on a broken ORC setup.
  • TTP Grid new features
  • Use our backtestable version of Trend shot with DCA and TTPTSL backtest scripts

Learn something new

  • Coinglass website: how leverage traders read the ratio, funding fees, interests to time an entry to go against the market with better probabilities. Why and when it can be a better idea to go against the herd.

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