Aster DCA Backtester v0.17

We’re excited to inform our members that the Aster DCA Backtester has undergone significant improvements in its speed and performance in the latest update. We recognize that waiting for the processing of chart data during backtesting can be a cumbersome experience, and we’re pleased to announce that the latest version of our backtester, v0.17, includes […]

ADB v0.16 released

Version 0.16 of Aster DCA Backtester (ADB for short) brings two main updates, as well as a fix for a known bug. The update includes a renaming of deal start and take profit options with the addition of explicitly being able to choose external source as take profit. Deal Start Renamed options: New option: The […]

Aster news: ADB and BTC volume

ADB v0.13 released Further discussion on Discord channel: Aster’s DCA Backtester ALPHA TTP Volume in BTC is updated to v5 On TradingView the Volume Type for BYBIT:ETHUSDT.P is Quote. This produces the wrong volume for this pair (and probably other perpetual contracts on Bybit and/or other exchanges). I’ve added the option to select the Volume […]

TTP AF Sim Pro updated to v1.8

The shortlisted feature that has been the top request for this indicator is finally here. SHORTS! When adding a short deal to the AF Sim Pro you should: Review and invert all the (long) preset settings to the short thresholds Paper trade, shorts are riskier than longs, adding funds to shorts are even riskier! Review […]

Recent updates to Gavin’s DCA Backtest

We’ve been on a mission to squash bugs and improve the original backtester, Gavin’s DCA Backtest. In this article we’ll go through some of the latest updates in more detail so you can follow along what’s happening if you’ve missed the emails and announcements. New Deal Start Conditions At the beginning of 2022 3Commas added […]

Victoria updated to 1.7

TLDR: This update of Victoria adds a new mode where you can switch between Backtesting or Signal. This is to reduce the repainting issues discovered when selecting a timeframe that is not the same as the chart. Important: If Victoria is set at the same timeframe as the chart it still works as it should […]